You have arrived on the MicroModules community site. Here, you will find loads of technical information about electronics and system development issues, hardware and software modules to build your own systems, and people who are interested in support and contribution concerning the creation of mechatronic systems.

In order to get an idea about what this site is about, you can click on the menu items "About the project" and "The MicroModules community" or click on the link below to view a project overview from one of the foundation members of this site (taken from the first hungarian-polish student space conference in Budapest, Hungary).


AVRmodules - Easy to use hardware development system for microcontrollers


On this site you will find...


micro-sized microcontroller-controlled modules

More than 140 micro-sized function modules to be used with motherboards and further accessories, based on AVR, PIC, ARM and Parallax microcontrollers, Xilinx CPLDs and FPGAs. The basis for most circuit designs as well as many software snippets were inspired by developments and discussions on various different development sites (e.g. www.mikrocontroller.net , ...) . Optimized layout, common communication interfaces and design refinements led to the modules as you find them on this site.


a helpful community

A community where hobbyists, students and experienced developers help each other, exchange ideas and develop microcontroller-based systems together. Free sample code (C and Assembler) together with the schematics come with each module, which might be a help for beginners and a starting point for bigger system designs. Teams can be built in order to realize projects and prototypes.


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