New STK 500 USB programmer!

We proudly present our first USB programmer! It works together with any AVR, directly from AVR Studio. The fastest and the most convenient programmer.

Coming, coming, coming! The first beta versions of Parallax Propeller and AT91SAM7S32 development motherboards.

Supermini Ethernet motherboard

Yes, finally! We are indroducing our first ethernet development motherboard! Nice mixture of the Atmega88 (Atmel) and the ENC28J60 (Microchip). Perfect couple!
In shake of the fast start the motherboard is preprogrammed with a TCP/IP stack and a ETHERNET REMOTE firmware. Of course the the C source codes is also free. (many thanks to tuxgraphic!) With these sample codes it takes only 10 minutes to have a customized remote access through internet!

Two new motherboards and 13 new modules!

A lot of new modules! It is woth to check them! Just for example, the 256 LED matrix module, and the 16 Power LED module (CREE 3W POWER LEDs, total brightness: 640 lumen!) It is also woth to mention the first STK500 programmers (RS232 and USB), and the low cost relay modules.

The new modules are:


Read more: Two new motherboards and 13 new modules!

Oh man! New modules again!

New motherboard:

  • Atmel Atmega8 USB MIKRO development motherboard

New modules:

  • VGA grabber module - 25Mhz / 1bit
  • Telecontrolli RF transmitter module - 9600baud
  • Telecontrolli RF receiver module - 9600baud
  • GPS converter module - For PS2 connector type GPSes (for ex. Haicom)

Beta modules:

  • EZlink RF transmitter-receiver module - beta version
  • Ultrasonic rangemeter module - beta version
  • Rainsun Bluetooth Slave modul - beta version
  • External 512Kb SRAM - For Atmega 128 MIKRO motherboard