Two new motherboards and 13 new modules!

A lot of new modules! It is woth to check them! Just for example, the 256 LED matrix module, and the 16 Power LED module (CREE 3W POWER LEDs, total brightness: 640 lumen!) It is also woth to mention the first STK500 programmers (RS232 and USB), and the low cost relay modules.

The new modules are:


    • Atmega8 MICRO 'low cost' development motherboard
    • Attiny26 LCD development motherboard


    • STK500 USB programmer - AVR Studio compatible, for all AVRs!
    • STK500 RS232 programmer - AVR Studio compatible, for all AVRs!
    • SI Prog RS232 programmer - Ponyprog compatible, for almost all AVRs!


    • 32X8 LED matrix - 256LED (32X8)
    • 32X8 LED matrix driver - with atmega8, max 45V DC input, RS232


    • 16 LED line 3W power LEDs! - For 'Propeller' display
    • 16 LED line driver - with Attiny2313 + 4Mbit Flash


    • Relay modul 'low cost' 8 - Limited!
    • Relay modul 'low cost' 4 - Limited!
    • Relay modul 'low cost' 2 - Limited!
    • Relay modul 'low cost' 1 - Limited!


  • Stepdown DC/DC converter - max 45V DC input -> 5V 3A